Thursday, March 17, 2011


You're a traitor, I'm a traitor, everyone's a traitor:

And when called on to show where we've 'preached armed political violence against our gov't' or where we've committed treason, Ladd Everitt scurried away under his rock.

Ladd Everitt, Comm Dir. of the CSGV and former head of the now defunct DC area MMM He considers the Second Amendment to be 'nonsense', doesn't believe guns were confiscated in NOLA, and likes to use sock puppets to support his boss. . Is there any question that we can't work w/ these people?

Update: They continue. Instead of actually showing evidence, Ladd Everitt decides to make libelous false associations and character attacks. He openly states that if local authorities decide to attack and kill voters during an election, defending yourself is wrong.

# @45superman @TrailerDays You might also tell it to your militia friend Schaeffer Cox and his buddies. Again, plans.

# @45superman @TrailerDays @wotc_linoge Thanks for making our case. You endorse the use of political violence when YOU perceive "tyranny."

Every time I get into it w/ the CSGV, I start getting obsessive hits from their DC office in a desperate attempt to find something, anything, they can try and take out of context to prove their claims. The only thing that's resulted from it is more traffic to my site and some patch sales.

Linoge has more of the conversation. CSGV. 45Superman. DOOT.

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LPF said...

Participants of Shay's rebellion (and Shay himself) were pardoned. The MA governor who ordered troops against them was NOT re-elected.

Ditto the Whiskey Rebellion: everyone arrested and/or convicted was acquitted and/or eventually pardoned. Opponents of the whiskey taxes helped get Jefferson elected.

We can only hope that the NFA rebellion goes so well!

Linoge said...

Hell, being called "traitors" by people who have no respect for, or even comprehension of, the Constitution is actually a compliment... especially once you look past their grievous misuse of that word - as I said in the conversation, he keeps using that word (amongst others), but it does not mean what he thinks it means. And I just love how he cannot go a single tweet without poisoning the well, avoiding the question, obfuscating the conversation, or flinging specious allegations and libelous claims... The word "desperate" seems strangely appropriate...

alcade said...

I never understood this hysterical fear and paranoia of gun owners that comes from the left. I know a lot of gun owners, and I've been around a lot of other people shooting guns. Try as I might I can't remember being afraid.

Maybe if the Brady's are so worried they should buy their own guns.

Anonymous said...

The Brady's probably do own guns. They just don't want the rest of us to own any.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Hee hee:

CSGV's Twitter feed is probably not Horwitz's work. Presumably, that's handled by Ladd Everitt, their Minister of Truth . . . er, I mean their Director of Communications (and let's be fair here, and not make too much of Ladd's resemblance to Jared Loughner--for all we know, Everitt could have chosen that look first, and it was a case of Loughner emulating him, rather than the other way around).