Friday, February 5, 2010

Dick Durbin "Nullify Voters' Decision"

Dick Durbin, D Senator from Illinois and US Rep Jan Schakowski (D-IL) have decided they know better what the voters want than the voters themselves. They stated that "people didn't really pay attention" and that the winner of the Dem. primary for Lt Governor, Cohen, should drop out even though he won by an even greater majority (30,000) than Quinn for governor.

Durbin issued the ominous statement "He's not going to be lieutenant governor". Is that because Durbin thinks there's more support for the Republican candidate Plummer or that the DNC is going to sabotage the campaign of a person who wasn't personally chosen to win the primary? From the way Durbin talks, it sounds like the latter to me.

(I pulled the video because it kept automatically playing. Still available here)

Isn't it comforting to know what our 'leaders' think of the common citizen?

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jinksto said...

Bit like the President explaining that Healthcare was taking a nap because he didn't use small enough words in explaining it to the public by claiming that they just didn't have all of the information after a year of it being the top headline every day. Jerks.

By the way, thanks for keeping up the fight. Folks like you are the reason that I was able to make this blog post today.

Anonymous said...

Thanks from me too--our freedom is in the hands of those who chose to fight! Thanks for making the choice.

Don said...

I'm beginning to get the feeling that a lot of our "leaders" aren't going to be "leading" us for much longer.

Don said...

Interesting that Durbin says they have "legal ways" of forcing the outcome they want. I wonder what those would be, given that it's an elected position and Cohen won the election. I suppose the primary elections are run by party rules as much as election law, and maybe they can convene the Super Duper Delegates who were supposed to take the Presidential nomination away from Obama and give it to Hillary Clinton back when he was the upstart who didn't know whose turn it was.
A friend theorized that the pawn businesses that made Cohen rich require licensing, and someone will let Cohen know that licenses are not always automatically renewed.

I don't think it was a complete mistake on Democratic voters' parts, to be honest. I realize they didn't know the full extent of Cohen's past problems, but I think their message is the same either way: "We will vote for anyone who can show any evidence at all that he's trying to do something about the economy in Illinois, especially if he's employing people. We don't care about the rest."

The whole point was that once he flooded the market with advertising about his job fairs and touting himself as the only candidate in the race doing anything about jobs in Illinois, it did not matter to most voters what else he stood for or why he was in the race. Which is the real reason they didn't check into his background before they voted for him.

Either way, it's always fun to watch Durbin get all threatening and say gangsta-wannabe stuff like "he should spare himself and his family what he's about to go through." Meaning, of course, "he should knuckle under and spare himself what my friends and I are about to put him through."