Friday, December 3, 2010

Fighting fire with fire

Very old, well established meme. Classic saying in every sense, but merely saying it doesn’t express the underlying truth, nor the pit falls inherit to that particular strategy.

I spend more time reading blogs and commenting at the sites of those who oppose the 2A than those who support it, in order to understand the mentality. Some might say this is waste of time. I call it research.

I agree that feeding trolls is a lost cause, but what they teach us is invaluable.

The impasse we all face is that we try to fight emotionalism with logic. We fight anecdotes with statistics. We fight fallacies with endless corrections which must face the gauntlet of their moderation queues. I’ll be the first to state the obvious that most gun-control blogs are absolutely dominated by the pro-freedom crowd, but I can’t help but search for a better way. Antis are a lost cause, the true harvest lies with the neutrals who don’t scour the interweb tubes each and every day on this single issue or vote for political critters based on their stance on our pet issue.

How about we try something different. With the current winning streak we’re on, why not? Low risk and potential high rewards.

Let’s be funny.

Fear is an emotion and is the only arrow in their quiver, strung across a bow of lies, half-truths and deception.

Humor is also generated by an emotional response. And it is god-smack powerful at the base level. Fear is pure base and primitive. Once your reptilian brain is sparked, all rational flies out the window. Humor is no different, other than the fact that it reflects something, even a kernel of truth, to be true rather than something spoon fed by the MSM.

That’s the needle and thread we must all pierce. Have the logic, facts and statistics as your source and then find a way to make it ridiculously funny to the average Joe.

“Sad Panda” alerts won’t do much to sway the fence-sitters, but the underlying irony when presented in the proper context………………………..will.

They make them scared and rely upon that emotion.

Let’s make them laugh and see how the bones fall.

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Sean D Sorrentino said...

I was watching that desperately unfunny Brady Campaign video posted by "No Lawyers only Guns and Money," and I was thinking, I could be funnier than this guy. Maybe we should try to do 2A standup comedy.

Tom Bridgeland said...

This is why I read 'Day by Day' cartoon. He does hit guns pretty often, and other political issues. Too funny to be allowed in the Sunday comics.