Saturday, October 9, 2010

Endorsement Policies

There's been lots of chatter over the various endorsements and grades made by the NRA, ISRA, etc. One of the most contentious issues has been of Debbie Halvorson, D, IL-11.

Agree w/ it or not, the NRA and the ISRA have a defined policy of who they're going to support.

Something I noticed today was the GOA's grade for Halvorson. I checked a few weeks ago and for the 110th Congress, they had rated her an "A" on their website for the 110th Congress. Looking now, that old list is no longer available through them but can be found elsewhere. According to 'Project Vote Smart', the GOA's 'April Ratings' gave her an 'A'. Now they rate her a "D".

What is the policy that had her drop 4 grades in less than a year? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Rustmeister said...

Maybe it's a policy of "Do the opposite of whatever the NRA does".

Just a guess....

MiliLib said...

The GOA also (quietly) rates national candidates based on their stance on abortion. When I was leadership in the Libertarian Party, I was told point blank they'd never support any of our national candidates because of the LP's stance on abortion.

There you go. The National Republican Apologists, of course, won't endorse anyone who's not of the GOP unless there is no other choice.

James Nelson said...

The GOA policies are based on whatever the hell Larry Pratt feels like doing today. I'm still waiting to see that organization do anything useful.

Thirdpower said...


That still wouldn't explain the change in the grade for Halvorson by the GOA nor the endorsement of her by the NRA.