Monday, October 4, 2010

AON Corporation Supporting Gun Control

From the ISRA:

The ISRA is calling upon all lawful American firearm owners to stop doing business with AON Corporation and its subsidiaries. This call for a boycott comes after published reports disclosed that AON is bankrolling a fundraiser for the political arm of the nation's most radical gun control organization. Not only is the fundraiser being financed by AON, it is also being held in a posh club atop AON's Chicago headquarters.

The October 4th event, which AON will hold on behalf of the "Brady Campaign Against Gun Violence," will raise money to fund the Brady Campaign's efforts to impose severe restrictions on citizens' 2nd Amendment rights. Such restrictions include bans on civilian ownership of handguns, target rifles, and popular hunting firearms. The Brady organization also seeks to shutter small firearm retailers and prohibit law-abiding citizens from using firearms to protect their homes and their families.

So the BC is trying to raise money for for their PAC. My guess would be to support Emanuel's Mayor Campaign and to try to keep their losses in N. Illinois to a minimum.

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Sebastian said...

Not sure it's for their PAC. It says the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, which is their 501(c)(4). Their PAC is called the Voter Education Fund. Do you have access to original sources? It would be interesting to follow up on this.

Brady hasn't been raising serious PAC money for quite some time. This year they've only raised a single donation of 2500 bucks, while spending about 4700 bucks, 1000 of which went to Kirsten Gillibrand and Carolyn McCarthy.

I'd be surprised if they are raising money for their PAC. My interpretation of their numbers for PAC spending is that they are largely abandoning their PAC, and are spending the remaining few thousand bucks propping up a few, key candidates.

chiefjaybob said...

Any word on how well attended this shindig was? I'm afraid I didn't make it...