Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stirring Up The Bottom

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership, desperate to regain any form of relevancy, has pushed the stick further down into the cesspool that is Huffpo in order to try and stir things up. In other words, they're posting 'controversial topics' in the 'Media' section in lieu of 'Politics' where they regularly get their @sses handed to them.

Unfortunately for Paul, all he's doing is kicking up the turds that reside near the bottom in an effort to find one or two that look polished. While Huffpo hasn't devolved to 'quite' as bad as AOL or Yahoo message boards it's not to far from it with most people just making irrelevant, sophomoric comments just to type something, usually a variation of 'Bush did it'.

Fortunately for us, while he may garner thousands of comments on a single post, none of those individuals actually give a crap about gun control nor will they do anything to support it beyond making said comments. All the while, after we're done delving the depths, we're heading to the range, buying ammo/accessories at our local friendly FFL (or online), networking, and generally being active.

So keep those penis jokes and BDS symptoms coming folks. We really do appreciate them.

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