Tuesday, June 15, 2010

NRA Selling Out or Strategy?

There's lots of internet chatter about the NRA cutting a deal w/ the DNC over the DISCLOSE act.

Taken on its face, using their muscle to carve out a nice little exemption for themselves in this disaster of a bill may not be a 'sell out' but is definitely short-thinking and unethical and I'll join in in giving them all the flack they deserve.

On the other hand, what if carving out the exemption wasn't the point? There were nearly 150 co-sponsors of this train wreck and the only things I head of it were a few e-mail alerts from the NRA and GOA and a post by SIH.

Now it's all over the net and media. WSJ, Instapundit, etc. The sponsors have shown how hypocritical they are by cutting deals w/ special interest groups and will draw more attention to it along w/ controversy.

What if that was the intent of getting the exemption?

Update: *sigh*

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Thomas F said...

Well surprise, surprise, surprise.....