Friday, June 18, 2010

Josh Horwitz has lost it..

Besides comparing the speech by Gingrich at the NRA convention to the Turner Diaries, he continues his narcissistic behaviors with his own personal sockpuppet, GritsJr and has now made the claim that I am a master at HTML and Photoshop, being able to imitate multiple Huffpo images and text perfectly within hours.

His "proof" that I am Horwitz (or Brit Rebecca Peters, or whatever other theory he's floating on a given day) is a magical comment from Horwitz that he somehow captured on here, but which can't be found anywhere on this site independently.

Yeah, Ok. That's much more probable than someone,either Josh or a coworker, accidentally double posting then using blogger credentials to delete them. Those in the know will get a real laugh out of who he proclaims to be a 'gun rights advocate'.

So since I know you're checking the site Josh (or Josh's co-worker). Some simple questions for you.

Are you "GritsJr", Josh Horwitz? Yes or No

If "No", how do you explain the near word for word posts? Or will you stick w/ the 'Photoshop' defense?

Oh, and BTW Josh. Fn + PRTSC = ScreenCapture

No, I am not Josh Horwitz. Nor am I Rebecca Peters. Or Paul Helmke. Or Barack Obama. Or whatever other fantasy you're having today.
Alrighty. Besides the fact that I never made any mention of 'GritsJr' being Peters, Helmke or Obama that supposedly answers the first question (for those who chose to believe this nut). Now will he explain the 2nd question? How or why the two nearly identical posts appeared w/i minutes and then got pulled? Is 'GritsJr' that much of a sycophant to mimic Josh and both posts just 'happened' to get pulled in order of posting or is 'GritsJr' a sockpuppet used by CSGV employees w/ access to Josh's Huffpo account?

Stay tuned to "Days of Our Trailers" for the exciting (or maybe anti-climactic) resolution.

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Wolfman said...

I always wondered how to get screen captures...

Anonymous said...

Now will he explain the 2nd question?

The easy/logical/predictable answer? He is lying through his teeth.

It continues to amaze and astound me how little people understand about technology, even today, and how much they believe they can use their ignorance as a kind of club with which to beat people back who question them. "That could not have happened because I do not know how to do that!" Uhm. Yeah. About that...