Wednesday, March 10, 2010

IGOLD 2010

Heading out the door for Springfield to meet up w/ those involved in IGOLD 2010. I've been told they have wireless at the Convention Center so I'll do my best to keep the blog updated throughout the day. If not, I'll do a massive photo and info update tonight when I get home.

At the convention hall. Running the ISRA Twitter Feed

Tom Schafer and Valinda Rowe

Richard Pearson and Don Moran

Sen. Brad Burzynski sings the national anthem

McDonald v Chicago defendant Otis McDonald to a standing ovation.

Lobbyist Todd Vandermyde straight from committee meetings reporting that they are trying to redefine 'cased gun' to whatever the DA wants it to mean. Also says Daley is pushing for new AWB.

Valinda Rowe from Illinois Carry

Getting ready to head out for the march so no signal. I will post more photos and info when we return from the Capitol building in a few hours.

Colleen Lawson, plaintiff in the Chicago case:

The March:

The women of IGOLD:

Rep. Chapin Rose and my politician prodder:

Then I got stuck in an elevator for a half hour:

Sen. Dale Righter getting the 'treatment':

GOP candidate for IL Gov., Sen Brady:

At the after event reception:

Colleen Lawson and Richard Pearson presenting Valinda Rowe w/ a plaque containing original signed documents from the Heller and McDonald cases for all her hard work:

The Lawsons:

Todd Vandermyde:

Jason Plummer, GOP candidate for Lt. Governor talking to Todd:

More photos at Illinois Carry , Here and Here. and here.


Longhornjeff said...

The last time I had this much fun was at IGOLD 09! It gets better every year. Have a safe trip tonight.


Chris said...

If Rose and Righter are your congress critters, then we must be neighbors.