Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gun Show weekend

Went to the Gun Show yesterday and am going again today. It was so crowded on Saturday with terrorists, KKK clan members and the obligatory Mexican Drug Cartel leaders that it was difficult to properly shop for all the RPG’s and claymores that I was after.

Showed up late and the parking lot was full, it was fairly obvious that everyone had shown up to mourn the collapse of the AR-15 market.

Since I had just purchased the Glock 19, I knew this was pretty much an accessory run but I wanted to compare prices on guns and ammo since the buying boom has mellowed a little. Some good news and some ridiculous news.

Ammo has fallen noticeably but is still above what it should be in IMO. I’m kinda tempted to get something in 5.45 since I could score that for $140 per 1000.

The metal drum mags were cheaper and the plastic drum mags were more expensive, go figure.

Depending on caliber and configuration, AR’s were going anywhere between $800-$3000. In general, I got the feeling like dealers are trying to milk the buying frenzy to the very end by keeping the prices inflated. AK’s and even SKS’s were above where they should be.

The one thing that really caught my eye was a custom made Krag. I really shouldn’t buy another firearm right now but I may fall victim to impulse on this one. It looks mint so I’ll check the bore on it today and see if I can get a deal.

Other noticeables were a Ma-deuce barrel for ONLY $3000, a Lee Enfield with the grenade launcher attachment and an extremely rare S & W going for 35,000.

I’ll update later after I see the second half of the show.


The Crawfish said...

This terrorist (I just retired from the Navy, own weaponry, and believe in the Constitution as written) needs to go to the next Fort Worth Gun Show and get some accessories for my anti-American weapon of terror (M-1 Carbine).

Mose Jefferson said...

Oh man, if I hadn't been laid up with the flu all weekend, I would've grabbed some of that 5.45 for the AK.

Cemetery's Gun Blob said...

This gun nut went to one in GA, and got an original 1873. Cause, you know, as an extremist, I want to bring back the days of the wild west when blood ran in the streets turning them red. Cause, spaghetti westerns show that, so it must be true.

jinksto said...

Grenades. You always forget the grenades! Sheesh.