Monday, October 12, 2009

We all know what the next step is...

Schwarzenegger signs one, vetoes two
Just prior to the deadline occurring at midnight Oct. 11, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law legislation that will require all firearms dealers to register all buyers of handgun ammo and ban internet and mail-order ammo sales in the state. He vetoed a bill requiring additional paperwork for firearms transfers and one that would have prohibited gun shows at the Cow Palace expo center near San Francisco.
They already have anti-gun activists going through their firearm registration lists to determine who is no longer reliable eligible.

How long will it be until this registration is used to ban or restrict ammo even further?

Unorganized Militia Gear


Weer'd Beard said...

Yep, My guess is a ban on "Armor Piercing Ammo" being defined as anything that can penetrate a type IIA ballistic vest, or any ammo with a core of anything but lead.

THEN have a lead ammo ban so that the bunnies and fishes don't accidentally dig into a shooting club berm, and eat all the spent slugs they find.

So you can't use lead ammo....but you can't use lead-free ammo, as that would be "Armor Piercing".

Gun banners win!

Anonymous said...

I can immediately see two "unintended consequences" that will negate the main thrust of the law, and make outlaws out of ordinarily lawful citizens.

1-There will be another ammo & components rush the same if not worse then we had last year, and are just now beginning to pull out of. Especially as this new law comes closer to enactment in 2011.

2-There will become an active black market in ammo smuggling across the Kalifornication border; or third party drop-shipping (I purchase ammo in Utah, & mail to someone in Kali-land).

B Woodman

NotClauswitz said...

The secret-weapon that CA gun-owners have is the severe mental retardation of their opposition in the Legislature. Fortunately or unfortunately that describes our Democrat dominated gerrymander-protected Politburo. Since there is no requirement that any intelligence whatsoever actually be shown in protected districts, the people who run are low-caliber Party-simple cretins, and self-interest/identity-politic imbeciles. They are free to be who they are: ridiculous drooling morons.

This poorly written POS is going to get hit hard and with great gusto. Sometimes following up a poke with a big left-hook is a better smackdown. Precedents already exist to overturn it at the Federal level based on preemption that was enacted in FAAAA '94.

Rick said...

Calguns Foundation has a legal strategy all lined up to get this law overturned before its start date. It's seems there's a strong case for federal pre-emption.