Tuesday, June 16, 2009

AHSA Back out of the Closet.

Well, they had their chance. With all of Ray Schoenke's talk of 'consultant based language' and a 'change in leadership' at the American Hunters and Shooters Association, they continue to be nothing more than a hit group against the NRA. Ray continues to use the same rhetoric as Helmke and Sugarmann, heads of the two most active national anti-gun groups. One wonders where the paid AHSA protesters were at the convention this year.

Even w/ all their talk of 'the NRA does nothing for hunters or shooters', not one supporter has been able to show me a SINGLE thing that the AHSA has done at all. Besides endorse long-time anti-gun politicians that is.

Ah, well. No great loss. Real gun groups have been getting more new members each month than the AHSA has fooled in the entire three years of its existence.

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Mose Jefferson said...

I love being a living example of a good point. Current events prompted me to put an Oregon Firearms Federation membership next to my Gun Owners of America card. It seems like a good time to give a little more to the freedom lobby.

Thirdpower said...

And that's the way to do it.

Don't agree w/ the NRA is doing things? OK. Join the SAF, GOA or any one of the other pro-gun groups out there.

Don't agree w/ the way the Brady Campaign is doing things? Join the AHSA.