Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Google Searches are Fun

Seven months ago I made a post about another anti-gun organization claiming "they weren't after our guns". Really they weren't. They just quote bogus statistics and receive support from a bunch or organizations that ARE working towards the elimination of private ownership.

Well their chief talking head, Laura Eshelman, Googled her name today and discovered the post so she (assuming it's really her) decided to reply in typical anti fashion:
Oh, give it a rest. You guys are always so darn uptight and angry- perhaps while you're ranting and raving about liberty restrictions, you should consider lobbying for marijuana legalization. It's been proven to be effective in many cases for stress reduction; I'm sure it would make even the most virulent of you gun nuts a little bit nicer (and less likely to get pissed off and shoot innocent people).
-Laura Eshelman

Funny that instead of replying to the cited and sourced criticisms, she resorts to stereotyping and insults. No surprise really. It's all they have.

I'm sure she would really love for us to 'take a rest' because it would give them a chance to return to the echo chambers they once enjoyed. Discourse is anathema to them.

Feel free to stop on by anytime Laura, I always appreciate such 'progressive' posts from my opposition.

BTW, pro-gun, pro-legalization.

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Robb Allen said...

Wow. I guess it'd pop her little bubble to know I'm all for the legalization of marijuana (don't smoke the stuff myself, but if that's your thing - have fun!).

I also don't shoot people. So, she's batting .000 so far.

Molon Labe said...

Robb, I'm going to one-up you and divulge the fact that I am as vehemently pro-choice as I am pro-gun. I can hear Laura's stereotyp-o-meter short circuting as we speak.


This is why you never rub your dog's nose in his own mess when you discover it days later (or months in your case). Kinda loses all relevance.

SoupOrMan said...

Wait. We get pissed off and shoot innocent people? Since when?

And why does this twit think we're all against marijuana legalization? I went to SIU-Carbondale (and graduated, no less). Even the rank stupidity and "we're being oppressed" complaints from legalization advocates there didn't turn me away from the idea.

Mike W. said...

Another pro-gun & pro-marijuana guy here.

As Third said, petty insults are all the anti-rights crowd has to offer.

the pistolero said...

Pro-gun and ardently pro-weed here too. One wonders why anti-gunners are so keen to shoot off their mouths about things (and people) they don't know anything about.

RuffRidr said...

Nice generalization Laura. I'm afraid that you are wrong, as usual. Like the others have stated, I also believe that the war on drugs should be ended. Not because I do drugs myself, but because I feel that it is one's right to live their life as they will, free from government oppression. I feel that the overcrowding of our prisons could be relieved if we let out those who are in for minor drug offenses. Then we could keep the more violent felons in for the full term of their sentence. You know, the guys who really do go around shooting people.

foo.c said...

I am pro-guns and pro-weed, but not pro-guns-and-weed.

Anonymous said...

WEll, i usually say 'end the war on drugs an release the prisoners'



Anonymous said...

Hm. Lemme see. I am pro-pre-viable-choice, pro-marijuana-legalization, I have never shot someone in my life, and I have carried a firearm both in the military and for the past almost-year as a civilian.

Yeah, Laura can print out her stereotypes, fold up the paper until it is all sharp corners, and...

I guess she just goes to show how discriminatory, intolerant, stereotyping, bigoted, and biased "progressives" really are.

kaveman said...

Pro-gun and pro-legalization here as well.

Our Justice system resources are finite, let's lock up those who pose a danger to their fellow man and ease up a bit on someone more likely to be concerned with their potato chip and cheeze-whiz supply than in hurting anybody.

Mose Jefferson said...

I'll go Laura one further: Pro-gun, pro-weed, anti-death penalty. I'm against the taking of a life in any situation not involving direct self-preservation, so capital punishment and abortion are out. I'd like to see her wrap her head around that one.

pate357 said...

I'll stick to ranting and raving about liberty restrictions, thank you.