Monday, July 21, 2008

Another AHSA hit piece on the NRA.

There's just to much to fisk in this bit by AHSA mouthpiece Ray Schoenke. I'll just hit on a few of the choicer pieces.

"he confirmed what I and most gun owners have long believed: Citizens have an individual right to keep and bear arms, not only as members of organized militias, but that right is not unlimited."

The AHSA argued that the DC gun ban was a "laudable effort" and that acceptable limitations would be mandatory storage at facilities like "gun clubs" and police stations. All based on a "militia purpose" argument. Seems a little different from what Ray is claiming now, doesn't it?

"They undermine the NRA's all-or-nothing approach which has been so damaging to the gun debate for so long."

What Ray considers “damaging” is 48 states having CCW, the sunsetting of the AWB and failures of similar measures in the majority of states, etc. None of which was accomplished by his organization and which he opposes.

"As a law professor, Obama believed the Second Amendment conferred an individual right"

Actually what Obama states on his site is this:

"Barack Obama believes the Second Amendment creates an individual right, and he greatly respects the constitutional rights of Americans to bear arms."

Unless you live in a city, own a handgun, semi-auto firearm, or aren’t a police officer.

A constitutional scholar would note that the BOR is considered inherent and doesn't 'create' nor 'confers' anything. Ray?

"At the hunters and shooters association, we aren't going to spend $40 million"

Mostly because you don't HAVE 40 million dollars. You don't have 40 million pennies.

Even using your highest claimed numbers (25K) and the NRA’s lowest (3M), they have 120X the membership you do. Who’s trying to remain relevant again? Hell, this blog is more relevant than the AHSA.

So tell me Ray, what has the AHSA actually done in the last few years besides attack the NRA and support politicians that support anti-gun legislation?

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Jay21 said...

" Hell, this blog is more relevant than the AHSA."
Funny, yet true.