Friday, June 13, 2008

Twisting the knife

David Hardy, via Arms and the Law and Armed and Safe, says that even the admission by Paul Helmke that the Bradys are losing is going to be hell on their fundraising.

If they lose enough funds, will they become another front group for the Joyce Foundation? They seem to be prepping for it as they've turned their blog into a copy of the Gun Guys.

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Anonymous said...

Twisting the knife?


I might have gone down the road of "Twisting the bayonet by applying rotational force to the pistol grip and barrel shroud while air-humping the collapsable stock."

One thing is for sure though, Helmke's mug is going to be all over the boob-tube after SCOTUS rules. Hell, the NRA might even be called for an interview.

I actually think revenues will go down for both the BC and NRA if Heller is victorious. So the NRA will stop sending out pre-paid emvelopes and the Brady Bunch will have to start selling plasma.

Apathy is a double edged sword here.