Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Days of Our Trailers: 2008 year in review

Blog stats for the year 2008:

Page Loads Unique Visitors First Time Visitors Returning Visitors
Total 126,584 94,701 59,528 35,173
Average 346 259 163 96

Can you tell when I was in Northern Elbonia training Counter-Revolutionaries?

Most viewed pages:

10) Patches for Sale 606 views
9) Modern Militia: Vehicles 606 views
8) Ruger Super Blackhawk 614 views
7) Ruger GP 100 624 views
6) Il Gov calls for Psych test 626 views
5) Modern Militia: Uniforms 636 views
4) Enfield Jungle Carbine 813 views
3) Modern Militia: Firearms 1,207 views
2) Hunters who don't believe 2,337 views

And the #1 viewed page on Days of Our Trailers for 2008:

1) Unorganized Militia Propaganda Corps 4,117 views

Top Ten referrers:

10) The 879 visitors
9) Xavierthoughts 1,081 visitors
8) WaronGuns 1,111 visitors
7) BredaFallacy 1,403 visitors
6) Armed & Safe 1,669 visitors
5) Google 1,675 visitors
4) ISRA 1,973 visitors
3) Ahab 2,124 visitors
2) Snowflakes in Hell 7,967 visitors

And w/ no real surprise, the #1 referrer to this site was:

1) SayUncle w/ a whopping 16,961 visitors

Special mention to my buddy Robb Allen who just missed making #10

It's been an interesting year. Lots of successes. Two big losses (death of Heston, Obama victory). Much drama. Our community has grown considerably. We've had our family squabbles but we're still here. I've met lots of good people both in real life and the intersphere, hopefully to really meet sometime in the future. The support for the UMPC went beyond anything I originally expected leading to a second order of patches in expanded colors. The 2A Blogger Bash was a hit at the 2008 NRA convention .

What I know is that I'm looking forward to another year, no matter how rocky it may be.

Happy New Year all.

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