Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oak Forest, IL Uniformity..

After a 2006 shootout in which an officer ran out of ammo and his partner did not use the same caliber of firearm, police officials have decided that a standard needed to be set.

They decided to go w/ a Springfield Armory .45 for all their officers.

Local company. Effective caliber. More efficient operations.

Good call all around.


Mike W. said...

Pretty amazing that they didn't have uniformity before this.

I'm guessing the cops involved in said shootout didn't carry bugs?

Every agency I can think of around here issues the same make/model/caliber firearm to every officer. They may have some flexibility as far as a bug is concerned, but duty guns are all the same.

TexasFred said...

My Son carries a Springfield, and 4 Hi-Cap mags for that very reason, his department doesn't carry all the same, they even have a few guys carrying revolvers...

Several are carrying XD-45's, including the Sheriff himself, and I would think that if they went department furnished that would be the choice...

I am a FIRM believer in ALL officers on the department carrying the same gun and ammo, there's a reason the military does it, and this story points it out nicely, great post!!