Thursday, July 10, 2008

AHSA wants Brady "Reasonable Regulations"

Massachusetts has done so without banning guns and it is now time for Congress to follow it's lead.
-John Rosenthal AHSA

I guess John forgot the fact that MA , Former A grade and currently tied for 3rd on the Brady Rating Scale , has an "Assault Weapon Ban", bans standard capacity magazines, bans inexpensive firearms, has restrictive and arbitrary licensing for both ownership and CCW.

Throw in the usual attacks against the NRA as "extremists" and it is the usual AHSA rant.

From Armed and Safe:

Before the 1998 law was passed, there were approximately 1.5 million licensed gun owners in the state, but because of the persecution and the expense ($100 for a gun license), the number has been reduced to about 240,000 and the armed criminals are having a field day.

GOAL cited a 2007 report from the Mass. Dept. of Public Health showing that firearm-related assaults have increased 78 percent since 1998. And Injury Surveillance Program reports showed: a 67 percent increase in firearm-related homicide from 1998-2006; a 236 percent increase in assault-related firearm hospital discharges since 1998; a 331 percent increase in assault-related emergency room visits since 1999, and a 590 percent increase in assault outpatient observations since 2001 (the most recent report available).

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Weer'd Beard said...

Also our handguns are restricted by our AG under "Consumer Safey Standards" requiring bizzare "safety" tests and unessisary mechanical devices, and multiple unit destructive testing (which is required for each model option, which includes a variation in finish AND apointments such as sights and grips) and after all is said and done, there is no guarentee that the gun will be legal for Mass Sale (Glock fully passed the AG tests, and was even sold for a month in the state, but the AG recalled ALL of them for "Safety Standards") Several compaines have negotiated with the Mass AG about making a Mass compliant firearm for sale (Springifled Armory, and Taurus USA come to mind) and have walked away from the table fully frustrated at the irrational nature of the game, and the prospect of submitting several high-quality guns to be destroyed knowing full well they'll pass with flying colors only to have them denied in the end.

We also have safe storage laws which I hope to see struck down soon.