Thursday, July 10, 2008

From the CSGV

We can enter into a genuine debate—unmarred by propaganda— over what legitimate restraints can and should be placed on firearm sales and ownership in order to keep America’s communities safe.

Yet this is the image shown on their "Issues and Campaigns" page:

With the caption "Assault rifles can be bought without background checks at gun shows throughout the country."

and another bit on their blog:

We never indicated the SKS rifle was originally designed as a machine gun (in fact, we never mentioned machine guns at all).

Actually they did:

a Chinese-made SKS assault rifle. Assault weapons are semiautomatic versions of fully automatic military rifles,

Think they recognize the hypocrisy? Turns out they don't:

Thirdpower, no we see no contradiction at all.

H/T to Armed and Safe

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Anonymous said...

I have always had the nagging suspicion that 90% of the anti-rights hoplophobes out there are only of that mindset due to a significant psychological defect in the form of a logical disconnect... I guess they are no different.