Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ten to One against..

That's the general turnout in support of more gun laws at the NIU and Skokie protests last night. Think of that. Northwestern Illinois. The heartland of gun-banners in the state. An area that just saw a horrible occurrence involving firearms and they still can't get more than a few dozen supporters to our hundreds.

From the IllinoisCarry Forum:

I just got back from the Naperville/NIU event and it was the single most lopsided forum I have ever witnessed. There were about 150 in the audience and 4 ICPGV presenters. Without exaggeration, my best guess would be that of the approx 150 in the audience there might have been less than 5 anti's with most of the remainder outwardly pro 2A. The panel took a real beating at the end of their presentation when no fewer than 20 pro2As stood at the microphone for the next 1/2 hour and gave the panel a real tongue lashing. This included the president of the ISRA who made a few "retaliatory verbal" trips to the mic to counter the blatant lies of the ICPGV.

The President would be Richard Pearson. I couldn't make it to the event but I just sent a nice check to the ISRA for their work. This is the way we need to do it people. Let's keep it up.

CPGV representative Steve Young had this to say:

The whole idea was education,” said ICPGV representative Steve Young, speaking one-on-one. “These are single-issue voters, and we heard from some pretty radical people tonight. These people make our case for us; all they have to do is show who they are,” Young said, referring to the protesters.

No, the whole idea was to push propaganda for a political agenda that is financed by national anti-gun groups in an area that has just experienced a horrible tragedy. Since Mr. Young was so upset that more people don't support his agenda, he has to resort to ad hominem personal attacks and emotional appeals to make his case.

Armed and Safe has more.

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Anonymous said...

What they say..."The whole idea was education"

What they mean..."You are too stupid to make decisions by yourself regarding your own personal safety and must rely totally on people like me to make those choices for you."