Tuesday, April 29, 2008

911 the Anti Freedom people say we must rely on it.

I wonder what Paul, Bryan, Josh and the rest of the people hating elite would offer for an excuse for this.

When you dial 911 (government dial a prayer) what do you expect other than a rude person on the phone and a cop in your driveway, with luck before any bad things has happened to you.

God forbid this is what you get when you dial 911.

(Lisa tells the operator she was robbed at gunpoint earlier in the evening, and that she now hears someone trying to break into our home.
"I just heard tapping on my window," she tells the operator. "I need somebody over here."
The line goes silent. As Lisa continues to explain her situation, the dispatcher does not respond - not for just 15 or 30 seconds, but for one full minute.
Then, sounds of snoring can be heard on the line.
"Are you there?" Lisa asks.
"Yes ma'am," the operator replies. "What is the, um, what's your address?"
Lisa can then be heard hanging up the phone)

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back Melody.

This is how we dial 911 in Oregon.