Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tough NJ laws stop school massacre..

Oh wait, no they didn't. A rumor did.

One person has been charged in the ongoing investigation, which began this week after officials at Belvidere High School heard allegations that a 17-year-old senior male student was developing a hit list of students and teachers, State Police spokesman Capt. Al Della Fave said Wednesday night.

But it would have been w/ illegal guns from PA w/ all their lax gun laws, right?

Della Fave said that all the weapons were legally registered and that the father has been assisting investigators.

So what good did those tough laws do again?

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Anonymous said...

"So what good did those tough laws do again?"

Don't you know that something that makes you feel safer is ALMOST like being safer, but totally different.

Hope that clears it up for ya.