Thursday, March 6, 2008

GunsAmerica Fraud..

Got an E-mail from them today stating to avoid TRUSTe payments as there is apparently a group of scammers out there using it:


Do NOT send payment to anyone asking you to use TRUSTe.
If the price of an item is unusually low - be suspicious.
If you suspect fraud, email GunsAmerica customer service.

There is a group of con artists who are targeting buyers on private selling sites such as GunsAmerica.
These frauds advertise items they do not have, take your money, then never deliver.

One very common ploy they use is to send an email to you telling you about TRUSTe secure payments.
They will also try to convince you that GunsAmerica has approved payment through TRUSTe.
This is a scam!!
They will also tell you GunsAmerica has a payment protection program or buyer protection plan - this is not true.
We can not and do not have a payment protection program.

Be sure to read our FAQs on FRAUDS & SCAMS.

Most scams of this type will be selling items at a very low price.
Always question a deal that seems too good to be true - because it probably isn't true.
Always get the seller's first and last name, address, phone number, and the name of the FFL who will be shipping to your FFL (if applicable).
If the seller does not want to give you the FFL info, he must at least give it to your FFL dealer before you make payment.
Always check a seller's name, address, and phone number in known databases (white pages,, etc.).
NEVER send payment using MoneyGram or wire transfers - they are almost always used by scammers.
If you do not feel comfortable, if something doesn't feel right - do NOT deal with that person.
If you suspect fraud please send an email to - be sure to give us the GA Listing Number.

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