Friday, March 14, 2008

In 4 days


In 4 days the US Supreme Court justices will hear arguments. March 18 is the day a ruling is likely by the end of June.

Fact is three out of four Americans — 73% — believe the Second Amendment spells out an individual right to own a firearm, this is according to a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll of 1,016 adults taken Feb. 8-10.

Couple of things, when interacting with our anti Freedom friends they are forgetting that the right to arms is a Right, not a privilege at the pleasure of the government. Crime control is a proven effective method. Gun control is and has always been a failure.

Ask them, are you willing to give up the freedom of speech? Freedom of the Press? Or, Freedom of religion? How about the right to a trial?

Remind them, regardless of what some seemingly well meaning people will tell them, giving up your any of your rights as a citizen never is a good. I would point out history in the last 150 years an what gun control has produced...

I am keeping my fingers crossed, for a good verdict.


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Anonymous said...

I would like to encourage everyone(pass this along, please) to purchase at least one firearm between March 18th and June of this year.

If we can reach enough people we can send a message in the form of a spike in gun sales before SCOTUS hands down its decision. Would it be possible to organize enough people to all buy a gun on the same day to make someone notice?