Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Modern Militia: Preface

The modern Militia. The bane of hoplophobes everywhere. What is its' purpose? Well, obviously the Founding Fathers meant it as a permanent force in lieu of a standing army and as a barrier against governmental tyranny. Times have changed to a point and we now have a permanent standing military. As has been shown though, even w/ that ,an irregular force is needed in emergencies to be organized for the defense of the nation and/or, in such instances as the LA riots or Katrina, our own homes and neighborhoods. Thankfully, except in the instance of Athens, TN and a few others, we have not needed to defend against tyranny but that potential is still valid.

Basically what it boils down to that the Modern Militia is there to complement the Standing Army and other first responders such as the Police, Fire Fighters, EMT's, etc. Supporting them in everything from acting as Sniper/Scouts, Civil Patrol, Traffic Control, Hose handlers, Litter Bearers, or any other job that may be required.

So obviously, unlike what the PuSH'ers wish I was doing, I won't be advocating overthrowing the Gov't , teaching how to build bombs, or rehashing paranoid conspiracy theories. I'm publishing my ideas on what we can do to help out our society in these aforementioned instances and to be as effective and efficient as we can when doing so.

This is a series I've been mulling over ever since I did my earlier uniform comparisons. I'm planning on covering areas such as uniforms, equipment, training, and anything else that I may come up with or have suggested to me that sounds like a good idea.

Modern Militia Series

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Unorganized Militia Gear

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Federal Farmer said...

Regardless of militia's uses, it is "necessary" for the security of a "free" state.

Required by the Second Amendment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link about Athens,TN.
I live in east Tn and had never read this story before. Amazing what a few good armed men can do to support freedom. Thanks also for keeping up the good fight at Huffpo. Tell kaveman thanks too, I dont know where to reach him and huffpo won't let me sign in for some reason.