Wednesday, November 14, 2007

1984 Redux

Brown calls for arrest of Winston Smith

LONDON, England (CNN) -- Britain is to ramp up security at air and rail terminals as part of sweeping new anti-terror measures that will see buildings bomb-proofed and citizens placed under more surveillance, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Wednesday.

Congratulations UK, You're now officially on the way to a police state. You already gave up your ability to defend yourselves , cameras are everywhere, and you're voluntarily lowjacking your children. Enjoy what freedoms you have left while you can.

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Anonymous said...


Winston Smith (Any NRA Member) The main protagonist is finally crushed in body and soul.

Mr. Charrington; AKA (Paul Helmke) a Member of the Thought police.

Ampleforth; AKA (Bryan Miller) His job is to re-write Poems to keep with the Brady Line.

Parsons AKA Kelli A colleague of Winston’s who despite stupid and unquestioning adherence to the Party line is still arrested.

Emmanuel Goldstein Sounds like Third power, Robb Allen or Michael. Enemy of the People according to the Brady Party. He is believed to have written a blog and head of a mysterious Pro-freedom organization called The Brotherhood.

Big Brother – the symbol of Anti Freedom Brady Parties dominance. Big Brother’s presence is everywhere on posters, on cigarette covers, on coins and on televisions.