Thursday, December 20, 2007

CeaseFire PA CYOA

A quote by Alexander Tristan Riley:

I ain't hiding ANYWHERE. I'm out in the world defending my ideas in a community of other people who have actually done their homework and working politically to protect children from you lot.

Yet, when all is said and done, ATR the Culturologist, deleted his blogs filled with hatred, bile, and attacks against gays, Catholics, Muslims, parents, gun owners, sociologists, and anyone he felt wasn't up to his moral standards, just before he became a board member of CF PA.

Why would he do this? Could it possibly be to keep people from reading his ideas about violently assaulting people on the sex offender registry because he considers them a direct threat to his family? Or that he feels parents who let their children play w/ toy guns should be imprisoned? Or howabout his opinions of gays:

"There is a LARGE literature in the medical health field demonstrating the specific health hazards homosexual men run by their behaviors. If you don't know it, you would do well to start reading some of it. I would happily send you pdfs of articles documenting higher anal cancer rates in homosexual men and higher rates of other anorectal disease as well as general anorectal dysfunction. And what about the well-known Cophenhagen study that showed clear and significant differences regarding rates at which the homo- and heterosexual populations they looked at showed evidence of various health problems? To quote it: ”The total burden of infections expressed as the actual number of infections was largest among homosexuals, 40.4%, 22.4%, and 5.3% having one, two, and three infections respectively.”As I said, I have a good deal of stuff in pdf form, should you actually be interested in looking at it. It's a grave mistake to imagine that simply waving your credential and your opinion is enough to settle the question of what the medical literature does or does not show. I've certainly never claimed that the sociological argument is settled simply by me noting that I'm a sociologist and I happen to think X. The material still has to be INVESTIGATED."

or his feelings on "Womens Studies":

WHen I finished, a young woman in the audience (a Womens' Studies major, I learned later) raised her hand to ask a question/respond. Within about 30 seconds of her response, and without having said the slightest coherent thing, she was in tears, crying that people like me were ruining everything, blah blah blah....

In Womens' Studies 81% of all students in all courses receive an A. EVERYONE knows what that is about, whether they will admit it or not--ideological correctness is the grade requirement there, not any actual argumentative or rational prowess. Line up on the 'right' side, learn to hate the 'wrong' side, and fall into hysterical tears as a 'response' to it whenever you come into contact with it, and you get your A."

Or howabout on gays again:

"As for medical evidence, there's a good deal of that showing that homosexual men suffer risks for STDs and other health hazards well above and beyond those that non-heterosexual men face. This topic has been discussed here before. People who engage in anal intercourse open themselves to all sorts of additional health hazards--this has something to do with the actual primary function of the anus, which doesn't involve shoving objects up it over and over again.Those mundane facts of the human body don't go away just because some people decide they want to express their romantic attractions to others by doing such things."

"There's also a good deal of evidence challenging the image you are trying to construct of the 'monogamous homosexual man.' All the data suggest that the average homosexual man has at least several times as many sexual partners as the average heterosexual man. Even people like Jonathan Rauch realize they can't deny this fact--although they work themselves into a sweat trying to shrink the margin as much as they can. It seems pretty clear that this subculture has a strongly entrenched element of promiscuity and there's little reason to believe that allowing them to 'marry' will change that."

Or Feminists:

A walking talking stereotype of the loud shrill feminist know nothing.

I'm sorry, I'm not speaking your language. GRUNT! GRUNT! UGH! UGH!

Or when he deliberately misstates opinions to demonize others:

The real problem is that the Guav’s of the world consider it a dead heat when you stack up a little girl’s LIFE with somebody’s stereo or TV (what the burglar is looking for).

Like his most recent distortion of the facts against a speech by Mike Adams that he (Alex) didn't even attend.

Just one of the blatant misrepresentations:

(e.g., he advocates, one can only hope jokingly, the replacement of Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a day celebrating America’s real “greatest civil rights leader,” John Browning, who Adams apparently believes deserves that title for inventing a kind of firearm that allowed hunters to “kill…more deer in North America than any other model before or since."

When in reality what was said was along the lines of:

He tried to suggest that my reasoning for Browning Day was based solely on the fact that he invented a firearm responsible for killing more deer in America than any other. He failed to mention that my reasoning was also based on the fact that Browning’s inventions helped us preserve freedom (read: civil rights) for all by winning two world wars. This is approximately two more world wars than MLK helped us win – although I do acknowledge that he was our second greatest civil rights leader.

There's more from him in comments, have a read about his opinions of Christians.:

"And this pathetic soul dares to claim he was denied because of his belief in an imaginary SuperMan with a beard?"

Maybe it's comments and actions along those lines that Alex Tristan Riley is trying to now hide from the world since he's become a public figure for the gun banners.

Isn't it ironic that the person who refused to allow anonymous comments on his blogs because he considered anyone who refused to let their name out for their politics to be cowards, deleted his blogs to hide his real feelings on politics?

We all see who the true coward is.

Update: In one of those bizarre timing coincidences, Alex, who now claims to hate blogs even though he used to have three of them, has become so unhinged at Adam's countering his outright fabrications that he started a new one just today for the sole purpose to attack Mr. Adams and all the posters at

Mike S. Adams Is Vermin

and he lives at the bottom of the festering dung heap that is

Here are the headers:

All posted on one day. Can we say obsessive? And no comments, in the usual "Reasoned Discourse" fashion.

This is the voice of Ceasefire PA and Bucknell University.

Update 2: I posted this link over on Bryan Millers blog as CF NJ and PA are partners. He deleted it.

Here's his reasoned discourse:


I've never before edited or deleted any of the noxious comments you and your pals have posted, as I want 'normal' readers to read them. You guys make me look so wise.

But, I'm taking down your comment posted at 1:56am today, as it has not a thing to do with anything I wrote. It also gratuitously attacks someone not associated with this blog.

Interesting that you should accuse me above of ad hominem attacks and then embark on same yourself. You'd call that 'rational discourse,' no doubt. Normal folks would call that dishonest. But, such is life, eh?

I don't plan on editing or deleting any further comments, but let's keep it to what I write. OK, fellas?

Keep those cards and letters coming...

The links have also been deleted on both Sugarmann's and Helmke's blogs.

Read Alex's reply in the comments.


Caleb said...

Wait, isn't this the ilovemydaughtermorethanyourgun guy?

Is that the guy I'm thinking of?

Because if so, his original blogs are probably preserved somewhere in google cache. Nothing goes away on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Ahab, yes, yes it is.

We need to get screenshots as soon as possible.

the pistolero said...

And then there's the fact that, for what it's worth, this very blog is No. 9 on the Google search results for ATR... ;-)

Alexander Riley said...

Uh oh, I'm trembling in my boots! Writing I published to the web under my own name is being publicly associated with me! What a disaster! ;) What'll I do now?!?!?!?

HA HA HA! You guys are truly clueless.

I took my blogs down because I was tired of getting death threats from maniacs like you gang, certainly not because I had anything to be ashamed of in what was expressed there. The Adams blog has already started producing calls for my beheading among your primitive herd, but it makes me laugh for the moment, so I'll keep on for a while longer.

Do you even realize that the majority of Americans AGREES with every point I made in what you quoted, with the exception of the fairy tale Bearded SuperMan in the Sky nonsense (and even that is moving, if slowly, in my direction--but you'd have to pay some attention to research on the question to know that, and none of you mentally-challenged morons are much for research, are you?). Have you checked the polls on gay marriage, or radical feminism, or child molestation lately? None of them do well. Sort of like when you ask people if it'd be a good idea to have still MORE guns in America. But, forgive me, those are facts and they won't interest this gang of Know-Nothings.

Maybe there's something we should dig into in your moral support for the child molesters, eh?

Get this much, if you don't get anything else. You don't matter. You're a tiny fringe of the population, hiding out in your bunkers with your automatic weapons. You convince yourself that there are a lot of you b/c you all talk to one another on one another's blogs (which no one else reads), but YOU DON'T MATTER. There are more people who understand what a threat your kind is to the safety of their children than gun culters.

Did you see what happened in the Congress yesterday? Keep your eyes open, more is coming. We will make this society safer whether you like it or not. We'll even save your own kids while we're at it, that's what good guys we are. You can thank us later.

I'll be using you guys as an example of a dangerous quasi-religious cult in my intro class next term. Maybe you'll even make it into an article I'm working on. I'll send you a pdf when it's finished.

Anonymous said...

"certainly not because I had anything to be ashamed of"

Sure, keep telling yourself that.

Anonymous said...

BTW, ATR, I challenge you to produce one single and valid death threat you received.

Thirdpower said...

Yes Alex, I saw what happened in Congress yesterday. They passed a bill sponsored and effectively written by the NRA that the Violence Policy Center is pissed off with and the Brady Campaign is trying to claim credit for. But maybe you'ld know that if actually did some reading on the subject instead of regurgitating what the "Gun Guys" tell you.

Feel free to write a paper about us. I'm sure we'll be the only ones who read it.

Thirdpower said...

BTW, did you see what happened to the bills in PA the other day? After "polls" done by CeaseFire PA showed "support" in favor of them at 2:1, they failed because opposition to them ran 100:1 .

And the victory claimed by Bryan Miller? One was tabled instead of killed outright like the other two. Way to go!!

Perhaps you missed the recent poll by CNN that 2/3rds of the populace recognize the 2nd as an individual right.

Perhaps you missed that PA just signed a reciprocity agreement w/ AK for CCW.

You keep telling yourself you're winning. The real facts show different.

the pistolero said...

Ahem. Just a thought. If teh good perfesser Riley *hawk* *spit* had really been getting death threats, he wouldn't come up again to spew his noxious bile here or anywhere else. Somehow I doubt said death threats would have stopped anyway, considering the reputation teh good perfesser Riley *hawk* *spit* managed to garner in the short time he was throwing his verbal feces about like so many monkeys at the zoo.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see real violence and threats of death, simply have the temerity to be queer around Alex.

Let's get the logic straight here, shall we? Alex, who claims to be very homophobic yet probably like himself a little trouser sausage from time to time, claims he gets death threats. So he "scrubs" the Google cache. Because the only way to send him death threats are through old blog pages. Even though everyone knows his name, knows where he works, etc. the best way to protect himself is to toss everything in the memory hole.

No, I think Alex is afraid of others seeing what he wrote.

You know what's ironic, Alex? There are true assholes out there. If some Catholic Gay Woman's Studies Major out there gets truly offended and decides to come by your house with a gun, there's nothing you can do about it except call 911 so the police can come by later and draw a chalk outline around you.

the pistolero said...

If some Catholic Gay Woman's Studies Major out there gets truly offended and decides to come by your house with a gun, there's nothing you can do about it except call 911 so the police can come by later and draw a chalk outline around you.

You're asuming, of course, Robb, that this cretin actually practices what he preaches If he does and that happens, well, I'd just prefer to think of it as chlorination of the gene pool. If not, well, just call it one more validation of our position.

Thirdpower said...

But remember, it's OK to bash gays and womens rights advocates because the majority doesn't like them.

I wonder what he would have said during the 60's? The 'majority' didn't support those causes either.

Anonymous said...

So, it's okay to be a bigot just because everyone else is a bigot? That's your defense of your hate, Alex?

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I see what you guys meant about "The Culturologist"--don't know how I missed him before. He is rather on the shrill side, isn't he?

I hope he can hold his circulatory system together when the DC v. Heller ruling comes down.

Thirdpower said...

According to Alex, if you don't support burning sex offenders to death or shooting them, you must be one:

Just an "unfortunate incident".

Thirdpower said...

Here's an interesting point. Lil Alex states that studies show gay marriage and "radical feminism" are generally opposed by the public and that religion is slowly disappearing.

Obviously he missed the parts of the studies about which demographic generally opposes gay marriage and feminism.

But that some measure of logical thinking, wouldn't it?

Fannie Wolfe said...

For being so adamantly against guns, some of what he says is alarmingly violent.

Thirdpower said...

Text book projection. He recognizes what would happen if he had firearms , believes that the whole world is as unstable as he is, so therefore no-one should have them.

Jane Know said...

As one such shrill feminist "Professor" Riley has attacked, I've gotta say, I loved this article. And I also LOVE that most people seem to despite him, or at least his hateful internet persona.

I've never seen him make a reasonable, logical argument. His M.O. is to use personal attacks based on generalizations and stereotypes of who he THINKS he is arguing against.

Because, in his (so he thinks) omniscient mind, no one can match his intelligence, so he doesn't even try to argue.

Anonymous said...

Oh look! Alex doesn't allow comments on his new site.

Just like his old sites.

It must suck to be so insecure of your position that you're unable to let others challenge it in an open forum and must resolve to trying to control the narrative by limiting who can join the discussion.

He'll be a perfect fit over at CF!

Grumpyunk said...

He's a hateful little Bastard isn't he? I read through his TH response to Mike Adams and that wonderful website on Adams. Whew! Talk about broad strokes. Having met and conversed with Mike Adams, I'm pretty sure which one I'd rather have as a teacher.

Yuri Orlov said...

For someone who apparently hates blogs as much as he says he does, he's sure had an awful lot of them in the past. I count at least four or five in the past and now he starts two new ones, Guns Makes Us Free and Mike Adams is Vermin. It's a wonder he has any time left over from his online activities, blogging, trolling, etc, to do any actual teaching.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

I'd say gun rights in PA should be in pretty good shape, if that's the leader of the opposition.

Fannie Wolfe said...

I love this (typical) ATR quote (that he also says to gay people and feminists):

"Get this much, if you don't get anything else. You don't matter. "

Right. We don't matter so much that he finds time in his busy teachin' schedule to devote his web presence to countering our opinions. That's how much we "don't matter."

Mkay, ATR, we believe you, we really don't matter. *Wink*

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Hell--does anyone (besides Alex himself) matter? He seems hell-bent on dismissing just about everyone else.