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A new reader told me that they sometimes have problems following what is being talked about on DOOT and other gun blogs. They look up what they can but some of the inside jokes and terminology escapes them. I forget that sometimes. So I'm going to put up some of the most common and add others as I get them.

Ammo Serialization: Either serializing every round of ammunition or making firearms that stamp a serial number on expended casings.

Arsenal: 'Authorized Journalist' term for 2 or more firearms and/or any amount of ammunition they can't count on their fingers.

'Assault Weapon': A semi-auto firearm that often looks like a military firearm. Term used to deliberately confuse the general public to think that they ARE military firearms.

'Authorized Journalists': Journalists who think they should have exclusive control over information dissemination. Usually are gun control advocates as well.

AWB: Assault Weapon Ban. Federal, state or local restrictions on 'Assault Weapons'.

BAG Day- Buy a Gun Day.  April 15th. 

Ballistic Fingerprinting: Technique where police use bullets fired by a gun to be able to allegedly trace it back to criminal activity. So far it hasn't worked where it's been tried in MD and CA but millions of dollars have been spent on it anyway. Creates a registry of legal firearm owners.

BC/VPC/CSGV/ISGV/MAIG/PEG: Acronyms for various gun control groups. They're all pretty much the same and often share 'leadership'.

'Blood in the Streets': Tired argument used by gun control advocates whenever a firearm law is relaxed and more people own and/or carry in the belief that this will cause increases in crime. Used since Florida passed Concealed Carry nearly 25 years ago and every time another state has followed suit.

Brady-Bot: Similar to a 'Joyce Puppet' except an individual, group or website created by the Brady Campaign (BC)

Bump Fire:  Method of making semi-auto's shoot really quickly but still one bullet per trigger pull.  Often used by gun control advocates to claim 'full auto conversion'. 

Castle Doctrine/Duty to retreat: Laws in relation to self defense. Putting the onus on the authorities to show that you were not defending yourself and that you can actively defend yourself w/o legal retribution by the criminal anywhere you're legally allowed to be.

CCW: Concealed Carry of a firearm. Can't see it.

Collective Right Model: The belief that the Second Amendment refers to the states forming citizens militias for defense and not of private ownership of firearms. Obsolete as of 2008 (DC v Heller and McDonald et al v Chicago)

'Common Sense': Term used by gun control advocates to try and control the debate. A logical fallacy as if you disagree w/ them, you're non-sensical

Constitutional Carry: CCW w/o a license. (ex. AK, VT, AZ, WY)

Conversion Kit: Device/parts/instructions to make a semi-auto firearm fully auto. Mostly mythical, equivalent to Weight Loss Pills.  Real ones are as strictly regulated as machineguns. See "Bump Fire" and 'Slam Fire"

Cop-Killer Bullet: Term used by gun control advocates to demonize any type of ammunition they determine is too dangerous for civilians to own. Often used side by side w/ 'Teflon Coated' which has no effect on penetration.  Coined by NBC in 1982.

EBR: 'Evil Black Rifle'. Running joke that any dark colored firearm is inherently more dangerous . Normally an 'assault weapon'.

FFL (Dealer): Federal Firearm License: The guys that run the gun shops.

'For the Children': Attempt by gun control advocates to claim you want to see children dead because you don't support their ideas.

'Fudd': A firearm owner, often a hunter, that supports gun control measures as long as it doesn't affect them.

Full-Auto/Burst Fire: A firearm that shoots more than one bullet while the trigger is depressed.

Individual Rights Model: Stance that the Second Amendment refers to the Right of individuals to own firearms exclusive of membership/service in a militia. (DC v Heller and McDonald et al v Chicago)

Joyce Foundation: Charitable organization which funds the majority of gun control activities in the US including groups, studies, and conferences. Look at the financing and you'll usually find a link back. Pres. Obama is a former board member.

Joyce Puppet: Gun Control group, individual or online site funded by the Joyce Foundation. (ie Freedom States Alliance, VPC, etc. )

Goblin: Any criminal, thug, gang-banger, or other lowlife.

Gun Show Loophole: Attempts to force all firearm sales and transfers to go through licensed dealers while also trying to shut down as many dealers as possible.

Laddite: Mentally unstable member or Follower of the Coalition to Stop Gun Rights Violence. They are opposed to any change that might allow Law Abiding Citizens keep and bear arms.

LIV: Low Information Voter

Main Stream Media (MSM): Any of the major network/news organizations. 

May Issue: When a state can arbitrarily decide who gets a firearm or CCW license (ex. MA, CA, NY, MD, NJ).

Microstamping: Process where a firearm 'prints' a serial number onto a bullet and casing as it is fired.  There is no produced firearm that actually does this nor has it ever been shown to be reliable.

Mommies:  Members/Supporters of Mom's Demand Action.

NICS: National Instant Check System: Electronic database maintained by the Fed's for background checks on gun sales by FFL dealers. 

'Only Ones': Derogatory term for police who feel they're the only ones qualified enough to handle firearms.

Open Carry: Carrying a firearm on your hip etc. so it can be seen.

Patrol Rifle: Journalistic phenomenon where an incredibly dangerous 'Assault Weapon' magically transforms into a highly accurate and useful firearm when in the hands of the police.

PEGheads: Members of Protest Easy Guns (PEG)

Plastic Guns: Myth created by gun control advocates and the media that Glock was manufacturing firearms made entirely out of plastic for the express purpose of evading metal detectors.  A law was even passed in 1988 banning them (and attempted renewal in 2003 by the 'usual suspects') even though no such firearm exists.

'Progressive' Firearm Laws: Anything but...

PSH: Pants Sh!tting Hysterics. Term for hysterical and nonsensical claims by gun control advocates (ex. the NRA wants to give guns to kindergartners or you can buy rocket launchers at gun shows)

PuSH'er: People who make hysterical and nonsensical claims to support gun control

'Reasonable': Term used by gun control advocates to try and control the debate. A logical fallacy as if you disagree w/ them, you're not reasonable.

'Reasoned Discourse': Term for when gun control advocates regularly censor comments on their message boards or blogs. Usually when their arguments and claims are easily refuted. Term comes from the last days of the old Brady Campaign blog where they ran a series called, of course 'Reasoned Discourse' where they highlighted alleged violent or disgusting comments they had received. This was shortly before they blocked all comments and later deleted them.

Semi-auto: A firearm that shoots one bullet w/ one pull of the trigger.

Shall Issue: CCW license issued to anyone who fulfills all the requirements (ex. TX, FL)

Shoulder Thing That Goes Up: Just outright legislative ignorance. Writing laws when you have no idea what you're talking about. Common for most gun control bills. Watch the video.

SHTF: Sh!t Hit The Fan: Any sort of emergency or crisis situation.

Slam Fire: Unintentional/uncontrolled firing of multiple rounds in a semi-auto.  Usually due to some form of malfunction.  Some 'full auto conversions' create this effect.  Unreliable and dangerous. (ie. entire magazine emptying w/o being able to stop it)

Wild West Shootouts: Tired argument used by gun control advocates whenever a firearm law is relaxed and more people own and/or carry in the belief that this will cause increases in crime. Used since Florida passed Concealed Carry nearly 25 years ago and every time another state has followed suit.

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Dean Speir said...

Good fun and useful.

I was unaware that California had enacted a "Ballistic Fingerprinting" scheme.

The only two states with such a requirement to my knowledge are Maryland (IBIS) and, since 1 March 2001, New York (CoBIS).

RT said...

"Conversion kit" also means a legal parts kit that swaps barrels, magazines and springs so that a .45 1911 can shoot .22 rimfire ammo to save money and reduce recoil.