Unorganized Militia Patches

Back in 2008, an idea was born. Gun bloggers should have a way to advertise and announce who and what they are. From this developed the classic Unorganized Militia Propaganda Corps Patches.

Later, Days of Our Trailers in association with SnarkyBytes created UMPC Stickers along w/ UMPC Lapel Pins in Subdued Green,

To complement these were the "Liberty Strikes Back" logo by Kent McManigal, the UM Infantry, Marksman, Sniper, Signal Corps patches in Subdued Green and the "Militia" Rockers in Coyote, Green and Grey.

All items are available as listed below w. contact and purchase information at the bottom of the page or Ebay.

FULL COLOR (Patches and Stickers)

TAN SUBDUED (Patches SOLD OUT) and Stickers)

GREEN SUBDUED (Patches, Stickers, and Lapel Pins)

PINK (Patch Only)

To complement the UMPC gear, Days of Our Trailers also has Unorganized Militia INFANTRY in Subdued Green and Tan, SNIPER, and SIGNAL CORPS patches in Subdued Green and MARKSMAN in Subdued Green and Pink.

(Patch Only at this time)
(Patch Only at this time) Sew on or Velcro

(Patch Only at this time)

(Patch only at this time) Sew On Velcro

(Patch only at this time)

Militia Rocker/Tab 3 1/3" x 1.5" patches w/ Velcro backing:

                                                       Green also available as Sew On

Also available is the "Time's Up" patch based on a design Kent McManigal.
(Patch Only at this time)
Patches and Pins are $5 ea. for one or two, $4 ea for three or more in any combination. For bulk orders of 10 items or more, E-mail for pricing. Stickers are $1 ea. . All prices include shipping and any applicable fees. Paypal, Check, or MO accepted. To purchase using PayPal use:

thirdpower at hotmail dot com

Make sure to include a detailed list of the items you want and a way to contact you in case of a discrepancy.

Also available via Ebay

Hot Chicks w/ guns wear DOOTWear:

Looks great on Hats, Range Bags, Laptops, and Purses. Feel free to E-mail me with your photos.


Anonymous said...

more stickers please.

Anonymous said...

Militia Nameplate please

R.W. said...

Are the patches still available?