Saturday, April 29, 2017

Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms Screw IL Gun Owners UPDATE

I'm not a fan of TTAG but even a broken clock is right twice a day.  In this case, IL legislators are trying to shut down FFL's through arbitrary licensing, fees, and regulation.  Having forgotten the lessons from S&W selling out to the Clinton administration back in 2000 , they removed their opposition to the licensing bill w/ a promise of exemption for them and big box stores.

The CEO's statement to TTAG ain't helping:

“The legislative process is a fluid process. The bill has only moved through one chamber, and it is still in the process. We fully support the Second Amendment and stand by it. The Illinois Manufacturers Association will continue to fight and protect not only manufacturers, but dealers and the gun owner as well.”
Springfield Armory
(309) 944-5631

Rock River Arms
(309) 792-5780

More from IllinoisCarry.

Even more from GSL.  
"In short, I don't believe Rock River had any contact with the IFMA lobbyist while this went down.  They trusted him to represent their interests.  Their trust does not seem well placed.
Springfield, on the other hand, is joined at the hip with Keller.  Springfield is tripling down on stupid despite the pressure."

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Old 1811 said...

S&W didn't "sell out" to the Clinton Administration. There were 29 mala fide lawsuits pending against them, and the Clinton Administration offered to make them go away. Even if S&W had won every case, the legal fees would have bankrupted them. And S&W's owners at the time, the British toilet maker, said if S&W didn't sign the deal, they would close their doors.
When you're being blackmailed by the government and your owners both, how many choices do you have?

Taurus7272 said...

Emails sent, to the effect"

I am not a resident of Illinois (anymore) but your abandonment of gun owners by your withdrawal of opposition to SB1657 once you had YOUR carve out is not the action of a manufacturer I would ever support with a purchase.