Wednesday, April 5, 2017

IGOLD 2017

Since I missed last year due to just starting a new job, I made it a point to attend this year.  Again 4PB attended w. me.  4PA had a track meet (which ended up cancelled due to rain) otherwise he would have come as well.

First off, foul weather, fair weather friends, and complacency (the theme of the podium talks) have taken its toll on IGOLD.  From the peak the year before CCW was passed, attendance was only a fraction of that.  People seem to think that w/ Trump in things are safe. While he will be better than Hillary on guns, Illinois has become the centerpoint of anti-gun legislation, from additional fees and licenses to drive dealers out of business, stripping people of their firearm rights w/o due process based off of rumor or hostile testimony, to banning lead ammo, all of it has been thrown up against the wall in the legislature.  W/ so few people showing up to IGOLD, it makes it that much harder to keep these bills from gaining traction.

So, on to the meat of the day.
In the lobby of the Prairie Capitol Convention Center, Rhonda Ezell's new project, sure to tick off the right people:

The primary speakers, Mike Wiesman (ISRA VP), Richard Pearson (ISRA ED) and Todd Vandermyde (NRA lobbyist)

4PB and the March:

Some photos of her w/ Rhonda Ezell:

Then it started to rain:

The usual running around and dropping off cards at the offices.  Dale Righter, our State Senator, was in committee, Gov. Rauner was busy, Cullerton and Madigan were 'busy'.

We did get to see Sen. Chapin Rose, my former State Rep. and someone I make a point to look up every IGOLD. 

At the last minute, I got a call from Rep. Reggie Phillip's office saying he was heading towards the Capitol building and had time to see us.

The work continues.

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