Monday, April 17, 2017

Gun Control Journalism In a Nutshell

From the keyboard of Laura Washington, long-time gun hater:
I write, often harshly, about The People of the Gun. I harbor a dim view of Second Amendment advocates. With each new shooting in Chicago, I have become more terrified of guns and the people who carry them.
It’s time I actually met one.
So years of hatred and vilification of firearm owners and, according to her, she's never actually talked to one until recently

There's words for that.... what are they again?

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Unknown said...

What a stellar review by Washington. She will praise Keller up and down into she finds Keller an the opposing side of a public debate or forum. Once that happens, Keller will be labeled a gun zealot or a Tea Party fanatic, and everything Keller said at the interview will be disregarded; an inconvenient side-bar discussion that the media will never reference again.

Unknown said...

The word you are thinking of is "Journalist".

Anonymous said...

I find it even more amusing the attributes gang shootings in Chicago with "Second Amendment Advocates".

Blissfully ignorant.

Jerry The Geek said...

Washington may meet a Fellow Traveler in the person of Heidi Yewman, who writes in the Huffington Post.

Yewman frets that she actually tried to "be one" (a gun owner), and it frightened her. Which was a reasonable reaction, since Yewman never held a gun in her hands before, she had to go to a LEO who was conducting a traffic stop to ask him how she could confirm that her (new out of the box pistol) was not loaded.

It's a sad commentary by a pair of amateur journalists who persist in writing "opinion articles" about guns when they obviously have no personal experience in gun handling.

It would be similar, I think, to me writing about Firearms Laws when I have no legal training ... except that I at least try to keep up with pertinent laws and only post my opinions privately.