Thursday, February 2, 2017

Ladd Everitt: Then and Now

So the guy that used to be the Comm. Dir. at the CSGV and is now running George Takei's closed, discriminatory anti-gun group posted this on the CSGV's 'insurrectionist timeline' in 2012 (which hasn't been updated in some time).
The mere stock photo of a gun and the (former) president in the same image was grounds for being branded an 'insurrectionist' and a 'traitor to the gov't.
 Also from '12:

This is what he chose as his FB photo in 2/17

What a difference a few years makes. Good thing Ladd doesn't have a gun.

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1 comment:

.45ACP+P said...

I suspect him of delusions of grandeur. While I do not think of "Cap" as a Trump supporter (at least not on all things) He would never stand for the misappropriation of rights that Ladd always has. Stan Lee should sue the slimy little........