Friday, December 9, 2016

'MS. Sloan' Movie... Someone's Fibbing

Update:  More from GFZ and also Weer'd who found an LA Times article interviewing actors who stated they met w/ the Brady's as 'consultants'.

So it appears the director was smart enough to know that to label this a 'gun control' film would guarantee it not being released anywhere.  My local theatre gave it about half a dozen showings (that's showings, not number of screens it was playing on) over the weekend. Looking forward to seeing the opening weekend numbers for it.


Numerous sites have talked about the soon to be bomb that is the anti-gun 'Ms. Sloan' movie. Some of it has been chuckling about this bit from WaPo:
We didn’t offer the script to the Brady Campaign, we didn’t offer the script to any Second Amendment groups,” director John Madden said when I asked if he had consulted with the NRA or other gun rights groups when making the film. “We didn’t want the film being adopted by one side or the other of the argument, because it isn’t a polemic. … I don’t think — the film is not political in its intent. It’s political in its milieu and it’s political in its, you know, the background of the story. But it’s more about political process to me.”
Well lookee what the Brady Campaign just put out in an email:
Miss Sloane;hits theaters today. On Monday we'll be hosting a special Facebook live event at 12:30 PM Eastern/9:30 AM Pacific to talk about Brady's contributions to the film and see how the made for screen version of gun violence prevention lobbying measures up to the real deal. Have questions you'd like to ask? Submit them in advance on our Facebook page.

Maybe they should have 'consulted' each other to keep their lies straight.

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Miguel GFZ said...

Oh really??? But why am i surprised?

Weer'd Beard said...

Plus who is stupid enough to see a movie that pits the "Brady campaign" against a fictional pro-gun group that appears to be the NRA but is called something different, and not think that the Brady campaign at least gave permission to use their names.

Those of us in inside baseball land are pretty sure that Brady gave script notes, and/or rewrites.

We also know that if somebody was to write a script inside this decade about a gun control group, the household names all belong to Michael Bloomberg.

Weer'd Beard said...

Just added a little to the story!