Monday, May 2, 2016

Board Game Night: Axis & Allies Pt I

Rainy day at the Trailer.  After a couple rounds of Connect4 and Othello w/ the various 'Powers, I broke out my old Axis & Allies game to teach them.

Boys vs Girls
Me:  UK
4thPower Alpha (boy):  Russia (by request)
4thPower Bravo (girl): Germany (by request) & Japan (by default)
5thPower (boy):  USA.

CinC chose not to play.

Set up and gave them a rundown of the rules.  They're still figuring things out but they all have an obsession w/ hoarding their money and buying Industrial Complexes.  Lots of combat over Manchuria, Australia, and N. Africa.  Germany's AA is frighteningly accurate having shot down two of my bombers in subsequent turns.  Russia is wide open but is planning on a massive armor purchase next turn.

After two rounds before we paused for the evening:
Round 3: The Battle for Moscow.

Alpha left himself open for attack and Bravo took advantage of it.

 But she left her Japanese navy vulnerable and the youngest took advantage of that,
 She also left North Africa open to the US and Northern Europe/Asia open to the UK.  At the end of round 4:
Round 5:  The US re-enforced N. Africa and moved into Asia and the Pacific Islands.  The UK moved into E. Europe and the Caucus. Germany and Japan started re-enforcing their positions.

 Round 6 started w/ the amphibious invasion of Germany by the UK.
Germany managed to retake their capitol but lost enough forces that another wave of UK troops took it back.  The US moved into Spain then took W. Europe.  The last major German stronghold remains, ironically enough, the Soviet Capitol.  Japan moved farther into Asia and re-enforced its holdings but at the cost of the last of the Imperial fleet.  At the end of round 6:

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