Friday, April 15, 2016

The @BradyBuzz Claims of Threats & Doxxing

In the previous post, I showed a bit from a Brady e-mail begging money and claiming that BearingArms is publishing Brady staffer's personal information in order to threaten, harass, and intimidate them. 

Now the corporate gun lobby is urging its followers to intimidate and harass Brady staff with phone call and threats. They even published staffers’ names, email addresses, and phone numbers on and other sites.

Of course they didn't provide any evidence of this assertion but reader lucusloc pointed to the offending post which contains this line.  
I urge everyone to share this story and call (202-370-8101) or email ( the Brady Campaign to voice your disgust with these appalling videos.
So how did the folks at BA get a hold of these top secret contacts of the highest levels of Brady leadership?  Did they hack into the Brady server?  Did they sneak spies into Brady HQ or their annual meeting ( oh wait, they don't have one)?  Do they have some sort of personal agenda against the two individuals listed?


They went to the Brady Campaign "Contact Us" page. The same page that prominently lists both 'staffer's' names, emails, and phone #'s.  The phone number isn't even a direct line but the generic office phone.

So once again the bought and paid for Anti-gun lobby proves itself to be dishonest, disingenuous, and flat out liars. 

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