Friday, April 22, 2016

$1.5 Million For Gun Control

The latest set of Joyce Foundation Grants:
Gun Violence Prevention
American College of Preventive Medicine (Washington, DC) $220,000 To continue efforts to build support for the National Violent Death Reporting System. (1 yr)
Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (Washington, DC) $50,000 To support the efforts of Prosecutors Against Gun Violence. (9 mos)
Ceasefire Pennsylvania Education Fund (Philadelphia, PA) $270,000 For gun violence prevention advocacy and organizing in Pennsylvania. (1 yr)
Center for American Progress (Washington, DC) $400,000 For efforts to advance commonsense gun law reform. (1 yr)
Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (Washington, DC) $175,000 For continued work to advance risk-based firearms policies and implement model policies on removal of firearms from prohibited persons. (1 yr)
MomsRising Education Fund (Bellevue, WA) $45,000 For its gun safety program. (1 yr)
States United to Prevent Gun Violence (New York, NY) $45,000 To support shared communications software and digital and technical support to state groups. (1 yr)
WAVE Educational Fund (Milwaukee, WI) $300,000 To support continued development and implementation of a comprehensive plan to prevent gun violence in Wisconsin and across the country. (1 yr)
So remember, 90% of the public supports more gun control which is why Bloomberg has to buy politicians and legislation while the Joyce's have to pay for 'research' and support 'Grassroots' organizations run out of PO boxes.

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KingOfDebauchery said...

So, what would it take for me to start my own gun control .org and get some of those donations? Apparently I wouldn't have to actually accomplish anything... Who knows, it may turn out to be an easy way to supplement my income. :)

Thirdpower said...

Seriously, the Joyce's and Bloomie could get thousands of badly written anti-gun screeds for half the cost they're paying now if they started recruiting gun bloggers.