Sunday, March 6, 2016

Scallops & Fried Potatoes

I've had a taste for scallops lately so I went searching through the local grocery stores.  Surprisingly enough, both the local mart and Wally World had them. 

Then I looked up various pan frying recipes.  Most were a lot more complicated than I felt like dealing w/.  I settled on simple.  Melted butter, salt, pepper, a splash of soy sauce over medium-low heat.  I let them sit (sprinkling a little pepper on them) until they got a light golden color to them (about 8 min), poured out some of the excess, and turned them. The other side took about 5 min on the same heat.

As for a side, I couldn't decide.  I needed something filling in case none of the spawnlings liked the scallops but wasn't sure what went well w/ it.  I went classic fishing boat.  A huge pan of fried potatoes.  Standard except I went w/ butter instead of olive oil as a greaser. 

The 'powers took a look at the scallops and got that questioning look on their faces, taking one under duress and command of their parentage. After one bite, however, they all rushed back for more of them. 

Meal success.

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