Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Camo Gun Sleeves

At the last flea market, I managed to get a few bolts of camo material, licensed Multicam and Navy woodland.  Into my head came an idea.  I love camo.  I want my guns camo but don't want to paint them or use camowrap.  I needed something that I can change depending on the environment and/or my preferences at the time. So I started sketching.  A local sewing shop took care of the rest. 

A stock sleeve w/ a closed off end and two barrel sleeves, one long, one short. 

This is the way it looks on my AK and Dragunov. 

All openings have paracord and toggle stops to close it tight. The stock sleeve has a hole to allow for a sling.  This first prototype turned out pretty well.  I've got a few adjustments to make for the next one I have made. 

Suggestions?  Comments? 

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Archer said...


When I bought a bolt-action rifle, I got it flat, matte black, intending to paint it myself to match the local flora and fauna.

I like this idea better. More versatile, more forgiving of mistakes, and less permanent. :)

tkdkerry said...

Nice. Move quick, sell a million of 'em!

Anonymous said...

I believe this falls into the "shut up and take my money" category