Wednesday, November 18, 2015


So the folks at 'Ammo To Go' hooked me up w/ some promo codes for introducing new shooters to the range.  These codes are good for 2 boxes of 9mm Magtech 115gr FMJ.

So here's what I'm gonna do.  The first two readers that send me evidence of a new/renewed/upgraded/gifted NRA or ISRA membership will get one of the codes I have to give away.  These can be redeemed through 'Ammo To Go', not me.

NRA membership

ISRA membership

So forward me the receipt notice or a pic of dead tree form (thirdpower at ) and I will email you back w/ the one use code.  I will update this when the two codes are sent out.

Update: 24 hrs and no takers?  Interesting. 

Update2:  Codes redeemed.  Enjoy.  

Disclaimer:  I am in no way being compensated for this by ATG.  They gave me extra codes to use as I saw fit for readers after showing I had introduced multiple people to shooting.

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