Monday, October 12, 2015

Zeroing, Shooting, and Chicken Stew

Got some scopes mounted on the 4th power's 10/22's and finally got a chance to get them out and zero them.  After about 10 min. of trying to adjust the support stand via their instructions, I moved them and did it myself.  The difference in weight kept moving the bench.  Took about 10 rnds ea but we got them to about 1moa.  Good enough for now and w/ inexpensive scopes. 

Then some fun shooting. Hedge apples and a .22 resetting steel target.  Only got through about half a box before the 0% chance of rain started drizzling on us and we packed it in.  Also did some plinking w/ the 5th power.

Followed up by heaping bowls of homemade chicken & vegetable stew (the chicken was clucking just hours before), overall a good day.

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Unorganized Militia Gear
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1 comment:

drjim said...

What, no biscuits to go with that great looking stew??