Saturday, March 7, 2015

'Prom-munism' Meme

So a HS decided to go really unique and have a Communist themed prom.  I personally find that funny as hell being a teacher,  history buff, and having grown up during the end of the Cold War.

So how will it go?

There will only be one couple on the ballot for Prom King and Queen. Immediately after inauguration, they are executed along w/ their entire family.

20% of the kids show up in Trabants.  The rest have to walk.

The 'Cool' kids wear Ushankas and great-coats. Everyone else wears grey or green fatigues.

There is no food or punch but LOTS of Vodka.

Music is all marches and is only played for 1 hour because that's when the electricity is shut off.

Add your own.

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Bob said...

Someone will randomly take pictures of everyone who shows up. If anyone objects they are taken out back, beaten, and driven to an undisclosed location and forced to do heavy labor.

Anonymous said...

As comedian Yakov Smirnov once pointed out, if there is a buffet, an American buffet is "all you can eat", the Russian buffet- they give you a piece of bread and say "That's all you can eat."