Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Worth The Paper They're Printed On

Orders of Protection that is.  When you have a long, abusive relationship w/ a known nutball, then marry the guy, then try to leave him after he continues to be violent, a piece of paper isn't going to do anything to stop him nor can you rely on the police. 
Beginning in March, police were called multiple times to incidents involving the couple. There were claims of a suicide attempt, threats, suspicious incidents, domestic trouble, battery, verbal abuse, trespassing, stalking, a hidden gun and an order of protection, according to Arlington Heights police records.
But Cristian Loga-Negru, 38, was never arrested, nor was he charged with any crimes in Arlington Heights, where he lived with his at-times-estranged girlfriend-turned-wife Roxana Abrudan, 36.
Prosecutors have said that as Abrudan approached her boss's home that night, Loga-Negru confronted her, hitting her several times in the head with a black hatchet.
Sorry but there were a lot of things that the police could have arrested him for but they chose not to, nevermind that the SA probably wouldn't have done anything about it if they had.

The only thing that would have had the chance of saving this woman was her defending herself. 

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ISH (Mininerd) said...

A protection order is something a person who needs one absolutely should get, but it is not something that should ever be relied upon as an actual means of protection.

Lines of paint on the pavement are an excellent way to signal where pedestrians may cross the road... But you still need to look both ways before crossing and cannot expect the painted lines to create a force field to stop negligent drivers.

A court order is a useful tool to document and prove

Archer said...

Agree with Mininerd. A protective order is a useful document to have ... after the fact.

In the moment, it's just a piece of paper, and should be backed up by more than just strong language. Options should include, but not be limited to: pepper/OC spray, sticks, stones, ASP batons, swift kicks to the groin, and hot lead traveling at 800+ feet per second.