Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Chest, A Quest, and A Revolution

A good day for geekery in the mail.  About two months ago, I supported a KS by 'Dog Might Games' for a custom made dice storage/rolling chest.  They promised that the first 100 domestic backers would get their orders by the holidays and, a first from any of the KS's I've been involved in, they kept their schedule w/ some interest.  I got it in the mail today and wow was that finish fresh. 

It's solid White Ash w/ the 'Ebony' finish, blue felt, and brass filigree corners.  I also had a custom symbol added based off of my longest running RPG character's heraldry. It measures 10"x5 3/4"x 1 3/4" w/ a removable lid that can be placed in a notch for use as a rolling screen.  The corners all match up, the finish is smooth and even, and the felt is flat.  It (the felt) is a bit darker than what is shown on the site which I actually like.  The only problem was that the edge trim of the lid had come off during shipping.  A touch of wood glue fixed that w/o a problem. I'll likely be getting one of their 'Adventure Cases' when they run that KS in the Spring.

As part of the order, I also got their game 'Livestock Uprising'.  Take control of an animal army and conquer the farm.  I'll be digging through the rules more over the next few days and spending some time playing this over the holiday break.  A cursory once-over looks like fun. More detailed review then.

And finally, for my reading enjoyment, I found a collection of a comic I've wanted to read for a long time, "ElfQuest" on Amazon. Book 1 arrived today while the other two books will arrive at a later date. 

I have a few issues of this but was never able to get many more than that so I'm very pleased I was able to find this.  I've already read the first few 'chapters' and am enjoying the story.

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Bob said...

My ex-wife was a fan of the Elfquest books, had the deluxe paperback versions. One of Robert Lynn Asprin's "Myth Adventures" books featured the Pinis as a werewolf couple (the elfquest books and Asprin's books were originally published by the same house).

Archer said...

"Livestock Uprising"?

Is that anything like "Cows with Guns"?

dehakal said...

The full Elfquest is available online.