Wednesday, October 1, 2014

.@ShannonrWatts: Does She Support Racism & Violence?

The head of Bloomberg's anti-violence campaign "Mom's Demand Action" sure seems to have a lot of violent supporters posting on their FB page.

mda hunsicker

This is just one of the many comments regarding an individual legally and non-dramatically open carrying a handgun while shopping.  Statements they would shoot him, call the police to shoot him, 'destroy' him, etc. along w/ a hefty mix of racism, stereotypes, misandry, bigotry, and virtually every other form of de-humanizing you can think of. 

This, unfortunately, is the norm on anti-gun pages and they wonder why we don't trust them when they call for 'discourse' while enabling vitrol like this among their supporters.

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The Jack said...

So.... do they advocate conceal carry for the public?

Or just for their own inner circle?

And kind of funny how they accuse us of being bloodthirsty "shoot first ask questions later" and yet here they are...

And yeah, funny thing that we don't trust people who fantasize murdering is (often via proxy) but sometimes like here directly!

Anonymous said...

They already succeeded. In fact, they got a Two-Fer. They swatted Mr. Crawford carrying a toy gun in a Walmart, and the police shot him. And then Angela Williams died in the parking lot too.

They have the blood of two people on their hands.

Sigivald said...

I sure hope she never sees a cop out of uniform (because of course the uniform makes them Safe!).

Or, for that matter, never ends up in prison for murder for shooting someone because she was 'threatened' by his merely having a gun on his hip.

Ain't no jury going to buy that as a reasonable fear for her life.

Braden Lynch said...

I doubt they would succeed.

Remember these are the same people who probably don't know which end the bullet comes out of and so the nice guy (minding his own business) who happens to be open carrying would probably end up shooting them when they try.