Monday, September 8, 2014

What's Up @ Chuck's?

Via GSL, some photos of the 'protest' at Chuck's guns yesterday:
According to John Boch, the anti-gun rally was denied a permit so they could only approach to about a block away:
The local authorities were polite and cordial to the large amount of customers that showed up at Chuck's:

About 20 media were there. Like I mentioned earlier, all local stuff that will be buried the next time a 'puppy rescues a kitten' story comes up:
Pro-rights side (about 100):
According to John, Rhonda Ezell, instrumental in overturning Chicago's ban on ranges, was asked several times if she wanted a Brady Campaign shirt.  Can we say stereotype boys and girls?
Signs up at Chuck's.  You need a FOID even to enter. But remember, it's all their fault Chicago has crime.

According to reports, the anti's started getting somewhat hostile near the end of their rally.  If what they believed about firearm owners were true, how did any of them survive the experience?

Update.  More photos from GSL including Snuffy's armed security.

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Weer'd Beard said...

Look at the difference in the signs.

Lots of mass-produced signs for the antis, hand-made individual signs for the pro-rights signs.

Grassroots, we has it!

Anonymous said...

I came for the Ogre counter sheets and stayed for the 2nd amendment coverage. Keep up the good work

Thirdpower said...


Thanks much. I got a few complaints over the sheets being on a 'political website' but I've gotten a lot more kudos and compliments.