Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Bloomberg Buying IL Rep Kelly Pays Off

So Bloomie buys a US House seat for $2.2m.  Unsurprisingly Rep Kelly does exactly what she's been paid (by Bloomberg) to do, push for gun control.

She put out the 'Kelly Report' which contains about every trope, meme, and myth in the anti-gun playbook. Smart guns, suicide, assault weapons, sandy hook, columbine, international comparisons, 'high-income' countries.. you name it, it's in there.  Just about the only thing missing is a study 'proving' gun owners have small penises. In fact, it's mostly a collection of Joyce Foundation funded 'studies' by bought and paid for anti-gun hacks like Hemenway, Cook, Webster, etc.

One of the first highlights:

Followed by the arbitrary terminology of 'Developed' and that stupid bit comparing cities to countries.

Then the classic lie from the VPC about machineguns = assault weapons:
Similarly, in Switzerland, active duty officers in the Swiss Army are issued assault rifles and are allowed to keep their rifles either in a local armory or in their homes. However, the Army does not issue ammunition to soldiers who opt to keep their guns in the home. Once their service is complete, their rifle must be registered with the government and converted to semi-automatic mode. Additionally, in Switzerland, assault weapons are completely banned for civilians,
There is so much factually wrong w/ that I don't know where to begin but note the claiming that 'assault weapons' are full/select fire weapons of the military.

Then we get into the Kellerman myth of Colonial/early US:
In 1792, the first U.S Congress enacted the Uniform Militia Act , which required all able-bodied white male citizens under 45 to possess a musket. However, tough restrictions were imposed on the sale of ammunition, the storage of gunpowder and the dis - charge of arms in towns and cities. In some instances, militiamen were even prohibited from traveling with a loaded weapon.
And it wouldn't be complete w/o reference to the 'Wild West' banning guns:
Fast forward to the frontier towns of America’s Wild West in the mid-to-late 1800s, and gun regulations were stricter than the laws we have on the books today.
Do I even need to mention what the 'conclusions' are to get the streets filled w. rainbow farting, gumdrop pooping unicorns?

This is what $2m buys you in Congress. 

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