Saturday, May 31, 2014

NRA is Da' Debbil!!!

and I'm not exaggerating.
Such is the downright satanic power of the gun cult in this country
I was laughing so hard at this I  barely made it through the rest.
killing machines
Second Amendment cultists
But then the real detachment from anything resembling reality:
Nothing released about Rodger so far shows clear evidence of mental illness

Huh?  What?  Except for the admission he'd been seeing therapists for years?  The videos he posted talking about suicide and violence?   

THEN he goes on about how the police didn't do their job but doesn't mention that six officers were sent nor that they didn't bother checking the purchase/registration database.  

But remember, it's all the fault of the ebil NRA not allowing 'sensible' gun laws, of which CA had all the ones demanded by him and his ilk. This is the performance of an 'authorized journalist'. Confused, misinformed, and biased. 

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Garrett Lee said...

Link to the original?

Thirdpower said...

Oops. Fixed.