Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sucking Sounds From the Sun Times

Really, how obsequious can you get?
We see two problems here. The first is that Dart’s office is the source of most of the objections filed statewide, which suggests that other sheriffs and municipal police departments — who were provided no extra funding to pay for criminal background checks — are failing to dig as deeply as Dart into the background of people applying for concealed carry permits.
"Oh Sheriff Dart.... You're so wooonnnndderrrrfulllll!!!"

Right, the problem isn't Cook Cnty Sheriff Dart who wanted to object to EVERY license application, but all the hundreds of other departments in Illinois. 

It's got nothing to do w/ the catch and release 'justice' system in place for decades, it's the CCW law itself.

They wanted a system to object to the licenses. They got one.  Now they b!tch about having to do it and try to claim the 99%+ of 'clean' applicants should be punished as well.

And they wonder why their readership is dying.

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