Monday, February 17, 2014

IL State Rep 110th Dist. Candidate Highlight: Kevin Garner

I've sent a series of 2A questions to the various candidates for State rep for my district. Primary is 3/18.   First response was from Kevin Garner:

Which, if any, pro-firearm groups do you belong to? (NRA, ISRA, SAF, etc)
 Are you a hunter? Target shooter? Collector?
2. All three
 If you’re willing to divulge, what is your favorite firearm in your collection or what is your ‘dream’ gun that you really want to own?
 3. I have a Mitchell Mauser 8mm with Bayonet,, would like to have an M-1 Garand
Will you be attending IGOLD this year?
 Will definitely try to make it 
 Illinois recently passed a concealed carry bill under duress from the courts. How do you feel about the arguments used by both sides during debates and/or the entire process it took to get the law passed? What do you think of the bill itself? What would you change in it? 
 5,6, and 7 I think it stinks,, we have fought for too long to get conceal carry just to compromise and as a gun owner I feel very much like I LOST rights,, fees and threats of felonies have made it distasteful for common or poor folks to even consider it
 What is your opinion on semi-auto firearms often labeled as ‘assault weapons’? Magazine capacity limits?
 8. I believe this is a big joke, semi auto is nothing more than a double barrel shotgun and they have put these scarey names to misrepresent to the public,,, as far as gun magazines remember Cain slew Able with one rock not ten,, if one wants to murder then they will find a way regardless
  Would you support a youth safety program such as the NRA’s Eddie Eagle to be presented in more Illinois schools? 
9. Yes absolutely

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dustydog said...

I think anyone serious about running for office as a Republican, Libertarian or Conservative should pay for lifetime memberships in NRA and SAF.

Applause for admitting to being a hunter. I would have guessed that a politician would decline to answer whether he was a hunter or not, to avoid alienating potential voters.